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Increase your school’s tuition revenue

We help boost tax credit funding and increase your tuition revenue

As private school teachers and administrators, you care deeply about the children whose education is entrusted to you. We know you likely wear multiple hats to keep your school running. Unfortunately fundraising, marketing, and enrollment efforts often don’t get the attention they deserve because you are concentrating on the important work at hand.

We take the burden off of school staff, allowing you to focus on your work, while we do what we know best. Our services address the most common issues that private schools face, helping you to boost funding, generate enrollment, and provide scholarship opportunities for deserving children.

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Tax Credit Scholarship Development Services

At RedefinED, we handle it all. Our experienced team takes the lead in securing signed pledge forms and joinder agreements for Special Purpose Entity (SPE) participation in the EITC program from parents, community members, and businesses. We streamline the process, making it easy for your donors to enroll and contribute.

Our extensive network and expertise allows us to secure tax credits from multiple SPEs throughout the state, with minimum contributions as low as $1,000. We leverage our relationships and knowledge of the EITC program to maximize your tax credit acquisition, ensuring that your school receives the maximum financial benefit from your EITC participation.

At RedefinED, we leverage the power of technology to enhance our development efforts and maximize funding for our school partners. Our team utilizes Salesforce to track our outbound community outreach activities, ensuring that no opportunity is missed in increasing funding from the EITC program.

We understand the importance of accurately accounting for contributions. Our team provides comprehensive support in tracking donations, ensuring that all funds are properly allocated. With our advanced system, your school can have a clear overview of all contributions and access to those financial resources.

Securing the funding is just the beginning. RedefinED’s Tax Credit Scholarship Development Services will go the extra mile by providing assistance with distribution requests. We work closely with your school to ensure that your distribution requests are properly managed and processed. This will allow your school to access the funds you need to continually support your educational programs and other critical needs.

Transitioning to a cost-based tuition

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We’re so confident in our proven Tax Credit Scholarship Development services that we offer schools a no-risk guarantee. We stand behind our services, and if our team doesn’t raise enough funds to cover our fee, we will refund you the difference. You can rest assured that your school’s financial goals are in safe hands.

Maintaining Parent Contributions

We understand the importance of honoring the commitments made to existing parents.
With our Tuition Restructure Services, the tuition contributions from current parents remain unchanged. This approach not only provides families reassurance, but also helps them continue their child’s education without the concern of increased financial obligations.

Leveraging Tax Credit Scholarship Funding

One of the significant advantages of transitioning to a cost-based tuition model is the increased eligibility for Tax Credit Scholarship funding. Because these funds are restricted for tuition costs only, using a cost-based tuition structure will help schools access additional revenue with new Tax Credit Scholarship funding. This enables schools to widen their financial resources and support the educational needs of their students.

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