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Increase Your Tuition Revenue. Grow Your Enrollment

Grow your school funding with our no risk guarantee*

*Please refer to the no-risk clause in our contract for details

Helping private schools bridge the funding gap

The average gap between what private schools charge for tuition and the true cost schools pay to educate each child is $3,600. That adds up! In order to stay competitive, retain talented teachers, and continue to impact future generations, we help you find ways to bridge that gap. Now more than ever schools must think outside the box when it comes to tuition structure, enrollment initiatives, and fundraising. Since most schools lack dedicated staff to lead these efforts, opportunities are lost. Let us leverage our years of experience to maximize your Tax Credit Scholarship funding, then use our proven, creative strategies to allocate it so you can focus on educating the next generation.


Risk Free Guarantee*

We’re so confident in our proven Tax Credit Scholarship Development services that we offer schools a no-risk guarantee. If our team doesn’t raise enough funds to cover our fee, we will refund you the difference. You can rest assured that your school’s financial goals are in safe hands.

Services to help you grow your tuition revenue

Not only do we increase tuition revenue through tax credit scholarships, we help schools grow enrollment with our Enrollment Marketing program. Through targeted digital marketing and direct mail campaigns, you can reach prospective families in your area with your school’s enrollment messaging for one set price.

Tax Credit
Direct Mail
Digital Enrollment
Web Development
& Management
School Promotional

We can grow your tuition revenue & enrollment

Partnership Price: $6,500

*Add-ons Available

Partnership Price: $1,500 per 1,000 pcs mailed

Regular Price: $1,750 per 1,000 pcs mailed

Partnership Price: $3,500/year

*Add-ons Available

Partnership Price: $5,950/year

Reg Price: $7,985/year

Partnership Price: $12,750/year

Reg Price: $14,950/year

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