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Incorporated in 2021, RedefinED Advisors LLC is a nation-wide development company for private schools committed to growing funding and enrollment for our school partners. RedefinED has evolved into a one-stop-shop for private schools across the United States that need assistance in expanding their budgets and growing their enrollment. With RedefinED’s ability to raise schools funding, increase enrollment, and tell the school’s unique story, schools all over the nation are now securing their financial future for all future generations.

Our mission is to keep education affordable for students and families, while at the same time increasing tuition revenue for our private school partners. We accomplish this through education tax programs. We also aim to assist schools in making the transition to cost-based tuition.

The implementation process would start immediately once the contract is signed. The full program would begin with a mandatory zoom meeting with the school and parents. From that point, RedefinED Advisors will offer a customized approach based on each school’s individualized needs.

We suggest you look to past donors, school supporters, board members, local business owners, parish/church members, and alumni as the best contacts for the program.

The EITC Program in Pennsylvania provides up to a 90% state tax credit that allows individuals and businesses to support educational organizations by directing their tax dollars towards scholarships. By participating in the EITC program, businesses and individuals can receive tax credits for their contributions, which are then used to enhance educational opportunities for students in Pennsylvania.

EITC funding may be applied only as scholarships toward EITC-eligible student tuition accounts. Once the EITC funding is applied, those funds then become part of your school’s tuition revenue. One of the major advantages of transitioning to a cost-based tuition model is the increased eligibility for EITC funding.

Schools are typically notified of the total donations collected in February of each year by each scholarship organization. These notifications will include the available funding your school can request for distribution.

Following the required student list submission to the scholarship organization, funds are typically received by the school within 30 days.

RedefinED Advisors works with two of the largest Scholarship Organizations: Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) (minimum donation: $1,000 and up; ACSI charges a 5% administration fee) and Central PA Scholarship Foundation (CPSF) (minimum donation: $3,500 and up; CPSF does not charge any administration fees). We also work with Penn Gift (minimum donation: $500 and up; Penn Gift charges a 10% administration fee).

The application process starts on January 1 of each year. The application window remains open until the state’s tax credit limit has been reached. The approval process typically begins in September and ends in December of each year.

Donors will submit their pledged contribution immediately upon receiving approval from the scholarship organization (typically between September and November). Any refund owed to donors usually arrives between July and August of the following year in the form of a state tax refund.

Yes. After our initial mandatory zoom presentation, we do offer in-school presentations on a case-by-case basis.

Cost-based tuition is aligning your students’ tuition to the actual, true cost of education. With increased financial aid available for students, your school can realize the financial gain of increased tuition revenue.

RedefinED Advisors works with Salesforce, a Client Relationship Management (CRM) system designed specifically for ensuring a proper and secure system of working with our clients. Salesforce utilizes some of the most advanced technology for internet security available today. Salesforce uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology, which protects all client information using both server authentication and data encryption.

RedefinED Advisors’ contract is always a two-year contract for one reason: upholding our commitment to the schools and donors. Our two-year contracts give us the ability to offer donor support throughout the entire two-year pledge form process. We provide guidance and follow up to all involved in the program plus continued efforts in securing future funding for scholarship aid programs.

No. RedefinED Advisors is committed to keeping our services affordable. RedefinED Advisors does not charge commissions, nor do we keep any contributions.

Yes. RedefinED Advisors offers a no-risk guarantee. Please refer to the no-risk clause in our contract for details.

Partnership Price: $6,500

*Add-ons Available

Partnership Price: $1,500 per 1,000 pcs mailed

Regular Price: $1,750 per 1,000 pcs mailed

Partnership Price: $3,500/year

*Add-ons Available

Partnership Price: $5,950/year

Reg Price: $7,985/year

Partnership Price: $12,750/year

Reg Price: $14,950/year

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